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LaTour Brand Pillars

LaTour Brand Pillars

brand-pillarsOur Brand Pillars Define Us

Our destinations are idyllic escapes from the everyday world. Our guests receive nothing less than extraordinary service from thoughtful, engaged, and empowered employees. Our team consists of enlightened, open, generous individuals and neighbors.

Altogether, We believe the key to a great company is integrity- not just toward guests, but also toward employees, partners and neighbors, LaTour’s commitment to integrity is explicit and absolute.


LaTour Hotels & Resorts aims to deliver extraordinary experiences for discerning guests who expect nothing less. From exclusive access to world class culinary talent and renowned service and operations, the LaTour Hotels & Resorts brings a wide-ranging expertise and track record of excellence to every project it undertakes.


Wine has long been a LaTour hallmark. Wines are thoughtfully chosen and seasonally updated by LaTour in consultation with a master sommelier. Tom LaTour himself produces a highly-regarded Chardonnay and Syrah on a 25-acre vineyard in Napa Valley.

entertainingHealth and Wellness

Health and wellness programs, including meal and exercise regimens and branded health and beauty products, connect with guests on the most personal level. LaTour wellness operations deliver superior service, distinctive amenities, imaginative activities and an obsessive attention to detail that compares favorably with the world’s best-known spa resorts.


The fine art of entertaining – perhaps the most evolved of all leisure pursuits – demands an array of skills that LaTour delivers flawlessly. Extraordinary entertainers exhibit a vision, attention to detail and an innate generosity of spirit that cannot be learned or imitated. LaTour aims to provide you with an exquisite and relaxing experience through its impeccable menu planning, food preparation and styling, and wine and beverage expertise.


Our concierge services aim to create memorable experiences and delightful moments undiscovered for our guests. We take an “anything, any time, anywhere” approach, encouraging guests to expect the world of us.

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