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Puerto Rico

Heart of the Caribbean: Puerto Rico

Discover Puerto Rico

car-circleCentrally located between the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas and the pristine blue waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands is the charming tropical island of Puerto Rico. From tropical lush forests to an ever expanding culinary and nightlife scene, Puerto Rico offers an array of experiences that fill your heart with beats of life. The close proximity to other Caribbean destinations makes Puerto Rico the heart of the Caribbean and a prime location to taste the blend of Spanish, Indian, African, and Jamaican influences.


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    Club Cala de Palmas, Puerto Rico

    Located within the Palmas del Mar gated resorts community, these Mediterranean inspired villas offer tranquility and comfort for families and friends. Club Cala has full facilities and access to championship …

    1-3 Bedrooms 1-4 Bathrooms
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